Compendium of Quality of Life Instruments 1-5 CD-ROM


Compendium of Quality of Life Instruments 1-5 CD-ROM

edited by Professor Sam Salek, Centre for Socioeconomic Research at the University of Wales, Cardiff.

A toolkit of tried and tested Quality of Life instruments.

This Compendium is the first ever comprehensive source of original instruments and related information for researchers and practitioners in the field of health-related quality of life. It contains over 130 questionnaires and translations covering a wide range of disorders.

Volumes 1-5 are now available as a CD-ROM only. The CD-ROM contains the full contents of Volumes 1-5 and allows for clear copies of the data sheets and instruments to be printed.

ISBN 0 471 98145 1

The Compendium places an important resource in your department or library. Because every quality of life study is unique, instruments were chosen to reflect varying user requirements. In this way the user is able to target varying populations and patients suffering from differing conditions. Questionnaires cover a broad spectrum of disorders, with sections devoted specifically to caregivers, children, the elderly, women and economic measures.

Each instrument is supplemented by a detailed Data Sheet of supportive information to facilitate access to what is considered to be the most important data on each instrument. To see a list of Contents, please click on the pdf link below.

Previously the Compendium was available as a hard copy and CD-ROM combined at a cost of £830, but we are now offering it as a CD-ROM only at a price of £320 - a saving of a massive £510.

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