Clean Air and Containment Review - Issue 41

Clean Air and Containment Review - Issue 41

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The CACR fills an identified gap between the newsier and more commercial publications on the subject and publications with peer-reviewed learned papers. There is a strong emphasis on CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

Contents of this issue include:

The science of airbone viruses

Known unknowns: Cleanroom monitoring

Critical parameters H2Obio-decontamination

Microbiological risks following cleanroom shut-downs

New draft of EU GMP Annex 1

Update on ISO 14644: Parts 8, 9 10 and 16.

Update on ISO 14644: Parts 14, 15 and PWI

"Honey I shrunk the cleanroom"

Is log 6 overkill for an isolator?

John Neiger

Editorial Board 
Koos Agricola (Holland)
Roberta Burrows (USA)
Tim Eaton (UK)
Gordon Farquharson (UK)
Didier Meyer (France)
Berit Reinmuller (Sweden)
Madhu Raju Saghee (India)
Tim Sandle (UK)