Advances in Cleanroom Technology



By William Whyte.
ISBN: 978-0-9956666-6-5 (Hb)

This book is based on the author’s work that has been published over the last sixteen years to advance knowledge of cleanroom technology.

The author, Bill Whyte, is an international authority on cleanrooms, with over 50 years' experience in the design, testing and running of cleanrooms. This book is over 500 pages in length and divided into sections that group Dr Whyte's scientific writings into topics that include the history of cleanrooms and operating theatres, risk management and risk assessment methods, contamination of products, ventilation design of nonunidirectional airflow cleanrooms, and standard of cleanrooms required for a specified product contamination.

In addition, the book provides further new information on measuring air supply volumes and air velocities, ventilation effectiveness, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), high efficiency air filters, decay of airborne contamination, collection efficiencies of sampling methods, airborne dispersion of particles and MCPs from people, dispersion from floors, transfer of surface contamination, and surface deposition of contamination.

Each of the seven sections is provided with a useful introduction explaining the background to the research and summarising the key points. Overall, this is a book that will prove very useful to anyone involved in any aspects of design, testing and operation of cleanrooms.


"The 34 articles chosen for this new book cover immediate post war surgical operating rooms, through to the latest thinking on energy and sustainability in Cleanroom technology.  Many of the papers have joint authors and virtually all of them have been subject to peer review. 

The book will be of great value across the Cleanroom community from academia, to specifiers and designers, test and certifiers, and of course users."

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