CACR - Issue 47
CACR - Issue 47

CACR - Issue 47


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The CACR fills an identified gap between the newsier and more commercial publications on the subject and publications with peer-reviewed learned papers. There is a strong emphasis on CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

The latest journal reports on:

Individual closed isolators for cell therapy

Known unknowns: Separative devices and biological safety cabinets

New hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination method enhanced with ultrasonic wave energy

Get the best out of your Contamination Control Strategy (CCS)


  • The return of in-person training and certifications at ATI
  • Ecolab offers support for contamination control strategy (CCS) development and implementation
  • Largest-ever FMS installation helps Validair achieve top status as TSI partner
  • Keeping your LEV system compliant and ridding your workplace of human carcinogens
  • Additions to Cherwell’s ImpactAir® range of microbial monitors
  • Peridox RTU: A new fast-acting, BPR and EPA authorised sporicide from Contec
  • Envair Technology continues strong performance
  • Particle Measuring Systems announces the release of the Lasair® Pro Airborne Particle Counter

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