Clean Air and Containment Review - Issue 42 - Latest issue

Clean Air and Containment Review - Issue 42 - Latest issue

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The CACR fills an identified gap between the newsier and more commercial publications on the subject and publications with peer-reviewed learned papers. There is a strong emphasis on CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

Contents of this issue include:

The science of airborne viruses

Impact of coronavirus in cleanroom operations

Known unknowns 3: Positive pressure versus negative pressure

An innovative AAS for continuous viable air monitoring

Update on ISO 14644: Cleanroom standards part 3 and 4

A new European standard for Biocontamination control

Vaporised hydrogen peroxide: comments on a recent article

John Neiger

Editorial Board 
Koos Agricola (Holland)
Tim Eaton (UK)
Gordon Farquharson (UK)
Didier Meyer (France)
Berit Reinmuller (Sweden)
Madhu Raju Saghee (India)
Tim Sandle (UK)