GMP Review - Volume 15 - No.3 - October 2016

GMP Review - Volume 15 - No.3 - October 2016

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Researched and edited by an expert team experienced in all aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing and control.

Unlike any other information source, GMP Review is dedicated to helping you understand and keep up with the often complex and jargon-ridden regulations which are being introduced all the time from Brussels, the FDA and other agencies.

GMP Review does not simply list new regulations! Each item comes with analysis and comment on its effect on you and your company. Each issue also contains reviews on specialist topics relating to GMP and Quality Management and provides insights into best industry practices.


Peter Savin

Editorial Board
Michael Anisfeld (USA)
Gary Bird (USA)
David Cockburn (UK)
Malcolm Holmes (UK)
Sabine Paris (Germany)
Hedley Rees (UK)
Madhu Saghee (India)