Dr Tim Sandle joins GMP Review as its new Editor.

Dr Tim Sandle is the new editor of our journal GMP Review and follows in the footsteps of previous distinguished editors John Dolman, Kate McCormick and Peter Savin.

Tim brings a lot of experience and expertise to his new role. He is the Head of Microbiology at the UK Bio Products Laboratory. His role involves overseeing a range of microbiological tests, batch review, microbiological investigation and policy development. In addition, Tim is an honorary consultant with the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Manchester and is a tutor for the university’s pharmaceutical microbiology MSc course. Tim is a chartered biologist and holds a First Class Honours Degree in Applied Biology; a Master’s degree in Education; and a PhD in the safety testing of blood products. He has been involved over many years in the whole area of Quality Assurance.

Tim serves on several national and international committees relating to pharmaceutical microbiology and cleanroom contamination control (including the ISO cleanroom standards). He has acted as a spokesperson for several microbiological societies. He is a committee member of the UK and Irish microbiology society, Pharmig and is editor of its newsletter. Tim has written over 450 book chapters, peer-reviewed papers and technical articles relating to pharmaceuticals, cleanrooms and microbiology; these include co-editing the books Industrial Pharmaceutical Microbiology: Standards & Controls, Cleanroom Management in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Inspections.  He is currently finalising an essential new book, Antimicrobials and Biotechnology: Global concerns and future strategies to be published later this year.

Also, Tim runs an on-line microbiology blog (www.pharmamicroresources.com).