International Handbook of Colorectal Cancer

International Handbook of Colorectal Cancer

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Edited by Professor Jim Cassidy


As its title suggests this book has been written by a series of international experts dealing with selective areas of colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is a common and growing disease in all developed nations of the world and there is a very extensive literature in all aspects of the disease. In fact, there is so much information available now that it is impossible for the non-expert to keep up to date. This book has been written partly to address this problem. In each chapter the authors have produced a "state of the art" contribution, the aim being to enable the reader to quickly assimilate the latest thoughts and findings on each topic.


1. Epidemiology of colorectal cancer
2. Presentation of colorectal cancer
3. Surgery for colorectal cancer
4. Role of radiotherapy
5. Adjuvant chemotherapy for colorectal cancer
6. Chemotherapy of advanced disease
7. Novel agents in development
8. Palliative care in colorectal cancer