Guide to Colorectal Surgery - Patient Guide

Guide to Colorectal Surgery - Patient Guide

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eBook version

Edited by Mr M G Thomas, Mr Matthew Mason and Mr Jimi Coker
Illustrated by Celia Welcomme and David Smithson

The aim of this guide is to illustrate common colorectal surgical procedures using schematic illustrations loosely based on the anatomy of the colon, rectum and anus. It is hoped that the illustrative text will improve patient and clinician communication to prompt informed discussion about common colorectal procedures. The diagrams have been simplified as much as possible with an attempt to retain the essence of the surgery involved.


Front overview
Rectum in relation to pelvis (overview) 
Male side overview (pelvis)
Female side overview (pelvis) 
Right colon showing lymphatic drainage
Left colon showing lymphatic drainage
Sigmoid colon showing lymphatic drainage 
Rectum overview 
Cancer Diagnosis
Diagnosis of colorectal cancer
Open Surgery 
Loop Ileostomy
End Ileostomy 
Left iliac fossa end colostomy 
Right hemicolectomy 
Right hemicolectomy sutured anastomosis
Right hemicolectomy stapled anastomosis
Left hemicolectomy 
Left hemicolectomy colorectal anastomosis
Lower anterior resection of the rectum
Low anterior resection with total mesorectal excision
Rectal anastomosis 
Abdominoperineal resection 
Hartmann’s procedure
Per-anal excision of a rectal tumour
Ileo-anal pouch procedure 
Mesh rectopexy 
Colonic irrigation 
Sub-total colectomy for fulminant ulcerative colitis 
Liver surgery
Minimal Access Surgery 
Minimal access surgery 
Laparoscopic colectomy 
Trans-anal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM)
Common Anorectoral Procedures
Stapled haemorrhoidopexy 
Anal sphincter repair 
Open lateral sphincterotomy
Fistula in ano 
Fistulectomy and endorectal advancement flap