Pharmacy Miscellany
Pharmacy Miscellany

Pharmacy Miscellany

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By Malcolm Brown

ISBN: 978-1-9196417-4-4 (Pb) - £29.99
ISBN: 978-1-9196417-7-5 (eBook) - £19.99

The sub-heading of this book is Thoughts on Regulation, Education, Industry and Philosophy.  As such, it presents a new type of pharmacy book: a “fresh” view, an outstanding interpretation, of the manufacture of medicines.

It collects the very popular 'Bottled Brown' series of commentary, practical help, psychosocial and philosophical insights into industrial pharmacy, training, continuous professional development — and more.

It is essential reading for all pharmacists and an ideal gift.

It is aimed at readers at all levels from entry to senior within the pharmaceutical industry and those considering entry including from academic, community or hospital pharmacy.

It is valuable to anyone interested in the manufacture of medicines.

That includes pharmacy undergraduate students, trainee pharmacists, designated supervisors, postgraduate pharmacy practice researchers, students on Qualified Person (QP) study courses, career advisers, policymakers — and anyone interested in medicines and health.

Dr Malcolm E. Brown has degrees in natural and social science research and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (FRPharmS) for distinction in the profession of pharmacy. He has worked in senior positions as a production manager (big Pharma) and in the British NHS including at director level — and as a community pharmacist. He has tutored many future pharmacists and trained the “entire” sales force of a major international company on selling medicines to the NHS. He was the keynote speaker at an international multidisciplinary conference at the Hague. Dr Brown is an award-winning writer with 142 publications who writes the “Bottled Brown” column in the Industrial Pharmacy (IP), an official journal of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) with 4 million members.


If you ever wanted to know something about the world of pharmacy, industry, education, and regulation but were afraid to ask, then this is the book for you. In addition, if you ever wanted to know more about the world of philosophy, evolution of humankind, and

artificial intelligence — then look no more!

Pharmacy Miscellany is the product of over 30 years of the personal thoughts, views, articles, blogs, and essays from the great Malcolm Brown — a learned contributor of many years to the world of Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy.


From the Foreword to the book by Professor Gino Martini

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